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We are a comprehensive brokerage that offers a wide range of services from marketing the property, tenant placement, maintenance, evictions and re-renting the unit.
Marketing the property includes the following -
[Sandstone Realty]
Posting to numerous websites including Craigslist, Zillow and Trulia
Marketing on GoSection8 (for properties that accept housing vouchers )
Direct line for prospective tenants to call and set up showings
Prospective tenants are able to schedule and apply for properties online
Unlimited Showings
Newspaper advertising directing tenants to website and direct line
Tenant Placement includes the following -
Getting an application from prospective tenant and screen application - this includes credit report, nationwide background check and evictions
Tenant must pay a premise hold fee (non-refundable if they do not take the unit) if they are unable to sign lease with in 2 weeks of being approved
Tenant must provide proof that the utilities have been transferred into their name before they can take possession of the unit
Any funds due at time of move in are required at lease signing, in certified funds, prior to keys being released
We sign a minimum one year lease and provide a copy to you for your records after they have been uploaded to Appfolio
We verify that the tenant(s) signing are in fact the tenants we ran the screening reports on by getting a copy of a state issued, valid photo id
Maintenance includes the following -
We do not perform repairs unless they are necessary
We do have a 24/7 answering service that reports emergency repairs and we dispatch as necessary
We make emergency and mandatory repairs up to $500
Cosmetic repairs will be approved prior to completion
We master key the property locks so that we may gain access to the property in the event of an emergency
Evictions include the following - 
We make every effort to avoid evictions. When eviction is necessary, you can be assured that every attempt was made prior to filing.
We send a tenant statement weekly to keep the tenants informed of their balance
We post 3 day notices as required by law
We send a text message to get the tenants attention that an eviction will be filed if rent is not paid
We follow up with a phone call as a last attempt before filing eviction
Once it is deemed that the eviction is necessary it will be forwarded to the attorney to file with the courts
When the court date is scheduled we go to court, with the attorney, on your behalf
Once the eviction is granted, we will meet the bailiff at the property as required by law, and provide the physical put out of the tenant and their belongings (there is an additional cost for this service as the maintenance department must provide their services to have the belongings removed from the interior of the property and placed at the street. Also, please note, several cities require us to use professional moving companies that are registered with the city)
Once the unit is empty we can provide you with an estimate if you do not have another contractor to assist you
Once the unit is available we begin the process again. We just hope there are many years in between tenants.
If you have any questions please do not hesitate to reach out and let us know. We would be happy to make the time to explain our services to your satisfaction.
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